Our services


  • Papermills (from light papers, ie bible paper to high stiff paperboard)
  • Producers of cellulose pulp
  • Producers of chemical wood pulp
  • Producers of timber and forest products (in general)
  • Companies that produce graphic papers and all similar products.

With the vigour of a young team and almost a hundred years old experience of a family, our Company is always finding new ways of doing business bringing products and ideas into the market of wood related products.


We always offer the best skills and a net of contacts established and well recognized through the years.

At the present time Codevilla & C. is the agent of few suppliers and in particular the exclusive agent on the italian territory for ARCTIC PAPER GROUP - producer of fine papers;
After 20years of strong cooperation it has been agreed with Codevilla to form Arctic Paper Italia Srl.


Besides Codevilla is offering abroad the Italian paper products and service.

exclusive representative for