Our services


  • Papermills (from light papers, ie bible paper to high stiff paperboard)
  • Producers of cellulose pulp and chemical wood pulp
  • Producers of timber and forest products (in general)
  • Producers of labels
  • Companies that produce packaging products

With the vigour of a young team and almost a hundred years old experience of a family, our Company is always finding new ways of doing business bringing products and ideas into the market of wood related products.


We always offer the best skills and a net of contacts established and well recognized through the years.

At the present time Codevilla & C. is the agent of few suppliers and in particular the agent on the italian territory for KRUGER PAPER GROUP - producer of paper for news, SBS IMBALLAGGI - merchant for packaging products, ERREDUE ETICHETTE - Labels producer and printer, ARIES - merchant for strechfilms, and others.

Besides Codevilla is offering cooperation to DEHA GRAPH in Italy and abroad for luxury packaging for cosmetics and more.